Downtown Investments Continue Among Region’s Largest Cities

Like a snowball packs on more snow and momentum as it rolls downhill, downtowns in Northwest Arkansas’ four largest cities have seen major changes this year. Springdale’s City Council was the most recent to join the pack when it adopted a new master plan to guide downtown development.

Fayetteville recently opened a 236-space parking garage adjacent to the Walton Arts Center a block south of Dickson Street. Rogers adopted its downtown master plan earlier this year that calls for a blending of residential and commercial establishments harmoniously.

Fayetteville was the first of the four largest cities’s to adopt a downtown master plan, doing so in 2006. Bentonville followed soon after while Springdale and Rogers adopted their plans this year although the conversation was underway for years in all four cities. Following is a summary of development in the downtowns of four Northwest Arkansas cities.

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