Prime NWA Real Estate Sold in Pinnacle Region

Alex Blass leads $6 million deal for multi-use development.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Aug. 7, 2018) – A plot of 27 acres in the Northwest Arkansas Pinnacle area has been purchased by a group of Little Rock investors for nearly $6 million dollars. The property is within Roger’s developing southwestern region, located off the South Pinnacle Hills Parkway. The undeveloped agricultural land is intended to become a blend of high-density commercial, cultural, entertainment and residential spaces.

“I am excited about this opportunity to work with the City of Rogers,” said Alex Blass, lead developer of the land purchase and organizer of the project team. “I commend Mayor Hines, the city council and the planning commission. The recently-adopted zoning ordinances in Rogers keep pedestrians in mind and will allow us to design the kind of walkable urban neighborhood that the Pinnacle area needs.”

Blass, who also serves as a partner at Sage Partners, has led several large-scale development projects in Northwest and Central Arkansas. He will partner with investors from VCC Construction to develop the urban mixed-use space. Sage Partners will independently broker and manage the commercial properties within the project.

“Our vision for the Pinnacle area is only possible because of the work Ms. Hunt has done and the existing development in Northwest Arkansas,” said Sam Alley, Chairman and CEO of VCC Construction. “We are grateful to live and work in a growing region, and we look forward to contributing to its continued progress.”

The project team intends to begin site work and design immediately. The 27 acres was previously owned by Mr. Bill Adams.