The Millennial Influence on Office Culture

As Baby Boomers transition out of the workforce and Millennials take over, a dramatic shift in office culture is occurring across the nation. Business leaders are adapting their methods of recruitment and retaining this generation of workers by starting with the work/life balance. Millennials prefers to blend personal and private life and thrive when a workplace feels more like home.

Recognizing this change, companies like Clorox are creating solutions to hire these young and talented employees. They have taken notice of the shift from a “me” to a “we” workspace and are working with developers like CrossMar Investments to tailor work spaces to the company’s function and direction.

Marshall Saviers, President of Sage Partners, knows the importance of being conscious of generational changes in the workforce. “When you look at younger people, they don’t care as much about the corner office, but they do care about amenities,” Saviers said. “A lot of people are going to this live-work-play environment. You spend a lot of time at your office and you want to make sure it’s a fun place to work. People understand it’s important to retaining talent but also keeping them happy.”

Whether it’s a new project in Pinnacle Hills or reviving existing architecture in Downtown Fayetteville, brokers such as Saviers are helping businesses have a say in designing their offices. New modern buildings do offer a number of amenities and high-tech services, but Saviers says that adaptive reuse is also a trend we are seeing. “It’s good. It keeps our culture and character.”

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