Clients are Supreme

Everyone has heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” In fact, many companies practice this sentiment and many employees repeat it to themselves every day. However, at Sage Partners, putting our customers first is more than a statement. It’s a fundamental value that runs to our company’s core – clients are supreme. 

“I’ve been involved in this industry for over 30 years now, and I can unequivocally say that we do provide the absolute best service to our clients,” said Lori Adcock-McGhee, Vice President of Asset Services. “We are the most innovative, and we work very hard to make sure that we are on top of everything at all times, and that includes anything that we might be able to improve, including the level of service that we provide to our clients.”

Our clients feel confident that they are in the best hands when it comes to our team. With our experience, knowledge of the industry, unwavering efforts and exceptional results, we are dedicated to each client, regardless of size. We are proud to serve clients of all capacities, some with one or two properties, and others with hundreds of thousands of square footage. To us, each of these clients deserves the same undivided attention and focus on not only meeting their needs, but exceeding them. One of the best ways that we can do so is by fostering strong relationships, built on trust and success, between our clients and team members.

“We’re always 100% upfront with our clients,” said Jake Cole, Property Manager. “We don’t try to sugar coat things or hide things in order to get a contract signed. We like to be upfront with people and make sure everybody’s aware of all of the circumstances, and that there are no surprises. Without our clients we’re nothing – we don’t exist as a company. We have to put them at the forefront.”

When Sage Partners was formed in 2005, it was important to the leadership team that the company have a strong set of core values to turn to. Among the most important things to the original partners was making sure that the client was always put first, and to do so, it was critical that they cultivate a positive and desirable company culture. Our culture and our ability to put our clients first walk hand-in-hand, and it is evident in every aspect of our success. 

“When Sage Partners was founded, the team worked hard on creating our core values – it wasn’t something that took five minutes,” said Ryan Gibson, Vice President. “Having a set of core values helps to make a company very successful in the long run if everyone’s working towards the same goals. There’s a lot of thought put into how we work every day, and that’s evident when you take a step back and look at the results that we are able to provide our clients and community.”

We understand that our clients’ needs are constantly evolving, and our team is prepared and happy to stand by and guide our clients through every step of the process. Our expertise and every decision and recommendation we offer is well-planned and thought out to ensure that the outcome is in the best interest of our client. 

Beyond our expertise in the commercial real estate industry, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we build between our team and our clients. Matt Imhoff and Ryan Gibson were approached by a California-based group that was interested in purchasing property in Bentonville. The group worked with Imhoff and Gibson to purchase several more properties in the region, and through their interactions, a relationship blossomed. The group became interested in the Garver headquarters, and they immediately turned to Sage Partners for guidance. 

However, the owner of the building was not in the market to sell, but thanks to the relationships that Sage Partners has with the members of our community, both sides were able to collaborate and yield an amazing opportunity.

“We introduced the former owner to the group out of California that ended up purchasing the property, and one thing led to another,” said Imhoff. “It took about nine months, but they closed on the property and are now the owners of the building. It was a win-win for everyone – the former owner made the return that they needed for their investment fund, and the current owner is happy and content with their building and tenant. We facilitated that transaction and are happy to help both parties.”

The strong ties that we form with our clients also allow our team to go one step further when helping them to find the perfect property, office space or building that fulfills their needs and goals. Our team members are encouraged to go above and beyond for our clients and dedicate the time and effort to find the perfect space, even if that means thinking outside of the box.

For over two years, Jason Parker, Vice President – Brokerage, worked with McFarland Eye Care to find a space that could accommodate the company as its team and number of patients both continue to grow. Previously, McFarland Eye Care had been in a traditional 10,000 square foot medical building. However, as the company evolved, it became increasingly important that the office move to a new location that was more conveniently located towards the center of town.

McFarland Eye Care trusted Sage Partners in its new endeavor of finding the perfect space, and Parker felt confident to propose the unconventional idea of transforming a former Whole Foods store into a brand new, state of the art, medical office.

“It would’ve been easy to plug McFarland Eye Care into a move-in-ready medical office space or a space of that nature, but the leadership at Sage has taught me to think bigger,” Parker said. “If the deal is not good for the client, then it’s not a deal that we should be pursuing. We are always keeping that at the center of our focus. What’s best for our client may not be what’s personally better for me or the team I’m working with on a specific project, but it’s all about the clients. They are supreme, and they’re the ones who give us a reason to be here.”

At Sage Partners, we are helping to shape the landscape of Arkansas, and that is due to the trust that our clients have in our ability to lead them to success. We recognize the weight of our responsibility, and we strive to do what’s right and what’s best for our clients every day. To learn more about Sage Partners’ core values, please visit