Teamwork: The Framework for Sage Partners

We are more than coworkers – more than supervisors and employees. At our core, we are a team. Our success, and our clients’ success, are dependent on the way our team is so intricately woven together. When our clients have questions, concerns or need support, they have an entire team of experts ready to lend a helping hand.

Though many miles separate our Central and Northwest Arkansas offices, we still work as one cohesive unit. Trust runs deep between our offices, and open communication allows us to stay up to date with what’s next across the entire state.

“Even though we are split by miles, we are not split as far as working together,” Lisa Spann, Senior Property Manager, said. “We can call each other any time, email each other anytime. We work closely with each other, and it just makes things so much easier to know that you can go to anyone at any point in time and say ‘Hey, I need your help.’”

We strive to provide our team members with a positive, enjoyable experience. That begins with building strong relationships with one another. We encourage every member of our team to practice collaboration, team building and accountability.

Every day is a learning opportunity for both seasoned professionals and new team members, and with the support and guidance of the team, everyone is granted the opportunity to discover something new. Every person brings different strengths, talents and skills to the table. With that combination, the strength of our team is unstoppable.

“Being young and this being my first job, teamwork is so important to me,” Rose Kline, Brokerage Assistant, said. “It has been one of the biggest reasons for growth for me. It is why I love Sage Partners so much. I have an endless amount of support from everybody, and it’s really allowed me to grow in my career.”

Teamwork not only brings our clients heightened success, but it also makes work fun. Across departments and offices, camaraderie and collaboration take place every day.

“Everybody is just so supportive,” Kline said. “You need something, they’ve got it. You need advice, they have it. Any questions you have, there are answers. You’re never working alone on anything, which is something I value tremendously. Everyone is constantly working to make sure everyone is the best version of themselves.”

No matter what position, department or office you are in, one thing stays the same – the support of a strong team. We strive to build an environment that is rooted in investing in our people, and that begins with investing in one another. From leadership to interns and everyone in between, together, we are Sage Partners.

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