Golden Ticket Bets on Post-COVID Renaissance

Since November of 2020, Golden Ticket Cinemas Harrison 8 has been teasing its arrival on social media, methodically building anticipation for the return of a movie theater in Harrison, Arkansas. In February, it finally happened. On Facebook, Golden Ticket posted a photo of brand new projectors and an exciting announcement, the theatre would open this spring. Its followers took notice, interacting with the post over 380 times. Every was person joyful at the news.

Yes yes yes!!! So ready to have movies again

Whooooop so excited!!

I am so excited about this!

Fast forward to May. The doors at Golden Ticket in the North Hills Shopping Center are open, and what is inside is better than ever. The completely remodeled theater now features luxury recliners, new projectors, state-of-the-art surround sound and digital screens, a significantly expanded food and beverage menu and a fresh, upscale look. They are also working on a fun and exciting new concept for the large arcade space and hope to have that completed this fall.

In an article published by local radio station KTLO, Golden Ticket President John Bloemeke said, “We’re excited to come to Harrison, the perfect market for our company.” He added, “Upgrading of the theater is long overdue, but our first goal is getting the theater reopened so we can get movies back on screen for the moviegoers in Harrison and the area. The goal is to bring many large market amenities to smaller towns like Harrison. We can’t wait to see the reaction to the changes that we have in store. We will be adding numerous promotions and values that are new to the market.”

Are movie theaters back for good? No one knows, but in Harrison, Golden Ticket movie theater is betting on a post-COVID renaissance. And if their reception in Harrison, Arkansas, is any indication of what might happen across the U.S. – for now, signs point to YES!