The Emergence of Shared Workspaces in Northwest Arkansas

The Delicacy of Work-Life Balance

Shared workspaces offer people who work on a remote or hybrid basis a base of operations when they need to step away from their home office, whether that occurs every day, a few times a week or only on special occasions. In addition, these coworking spaces also allow business owners to provide their employees with office amenities without the responsibility of leasing or purchasing an entire office or building. These innovative spaces minimize the simple, day-to-day distractions of being at home, while also helping to keep a structured working schedule. They also allow for a clear separation between work life and home life, while maintaining the sought-after flexibility of remote work.

In Northwest Arkansas, options for people seeking shared workspaces were limited– until now. Cushman & Wakefield | Sage Partners president Tom Allen and executive chairman Brian Shaw are representing Hunt Ventures as the landlord brokers and developer agents on Founders Plaza and a brand new, world-class shared workspace called “The CoFounder.”

“In this particular micromarket of Northwest Arkansas, there aren’t any available shared workspaces,” Allen said. “There isn’t any offering of an innovative product like this, and over the years we have talked about the fact that we needed to find a full-service coworking space. Location-wise this is a great place, and people want to be here. This was the perfect opportunity to create this space.”

State-of-the-Art Shared Workspace to Open in Northwest Arkansas

The CoFounder is a 9,000 square foot shared workspace inside the five-story Founders Plaza, a top-of-the-line office building. This innovative coworking space includes several desirable features, amenities and technology, and is located in the highly desirable Pinnacle Hills neighborhood. Members have access to private office spaces, booths, conference rooms, a full kitchen, lounge areas, printers, high-speed internet and more with their CoFounders membership or day pass. Each work area, including the conference rooms and private offices, are equipped with video conferencing capabilities, making hosting a meeting with attendees around the world simple and accessible. Members also have the option to work outdoors. The outdoor patio at Founders Plaza offers working space with a stunning view of the fountain and fire pit.

“The CoFounder is unique because it allows for the art of collaboration, which is the greatest bonus of a coworking space,” said Sarah Johnson, Sage Partners property manager. “You are able to blend with others who you may not normally blend with, and it incites new ideas to be born. The opportunity to cultivate collaboration among multiple businesses is a great asset to The CoFounder.”

When it comes to shared workspaces, flexibility is key. The CoFounder offers various membership tiers so that anyone who is interested in leasing a space can do so at a level that meets their specific needs. The CoFounder gives guests the ability to come and go as they please, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether guests are looking for a daily workspace or a spot to touch base or hold a meeting, the flexibility is theirs to embrace. As a team grows, it is simple to add additional memberships to accommodate anyone who is looking to utilize the coworking space.

Membership Levels

The CoFounder offers several membership levels to accommodate all degrees of coworking needs. These levels include:

  • Private office space – Office spaces for lease will vary in size. As part of this tier, members will have 24-hour access to all amenities, including internet access, printing, conference rooms and lunch service.
  • Coworking membership – Those with a coworking membership will have 24-hour access to the shared workspaces and office amenities. If they would like to utilize the fitness center or conference rooms, these features can be added à la carte.
  • Weekender membership – The weekender membership allows 24-hour access strictly on the weekends. Similar to the coworking membership, additional amenities and services can be added à la carte.
  • Day pass – The day pass allows access to the facility for one 24-hour period. This includes the coffee bar, internet access and printing services. Additional amenities can be added à la carte.

The CoFounder is located in the Pinnacle Hills area in the heart of Rogers, Ark., making it centrally located to all of the most popular entertainment venues, restaurants, shopping centers, residential areas and I-49. Because The CoFounder is housed within Founders Plaza, it allows members convenient access to several entertainment amenities including a brand-new fitness center, basketball court, golf simulator and more.

Individuals who are interested in taking advantage of this state-of-the-art shared workspace can join via the membership levels in late August. To learn more about membership opportunities, contact Sarah Johnson via phone or email:
Office: 479-845-3038
Mobile: 479-244-7460

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